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What Are Dividend Stocks?

Forbes Real Estate 9/28 11:41A David Westenhaver, Contributor
Dividend stocks are securities that include a regular distribution of the issuing company’s earnings.

What Realtors Really Mean When They Say Cozy® Real Estate News 9/28 11:15A Creative Studio
If you’ve spent any time scrolling through real estate listings in search of that “hidden gem,” chances are you’ve noticed terms like “cozy” or “charming” popping up again and again. If you’ve taken...

Is It Worth It: Adding an Accessory Dwelling Unit® Real Estate News 9/28 11:13A Creative Studio
Some of the biggest decisions about homeownership come after you’ve closed the deal. Should you renovate that dated kitchen? Will adding an additional bathroom increase the value of your home? But...

Before & After: A Guest Bedroom Makeover on a Just-Moved-In Budget® Real Estate News 9/28 11:11A Creative Studio
Melanie Gnau and her husband spent 5 years living in an Airstream in order to save up for their first home, a fixer-upper in Asheville, North Carolina. They used the proceeds from their Airstream to...

7 Quick & Easy Cleaning Tasks You Can Do While Your Coffee Brews® Real Estate News 9/28 11:02A Creative Studio
Whether you’re moving into a new home, getting ready to sell an existing home, or just staying put, getting (and keeping) your home neat and tidy is key to feeling calm and cozy for the fall season....

You’ll Never Guess the Most Neighborly City in America in 2022® Real Estate News 9/28 8:00A Clare Trapasso
Getty Images Many long for the days when neighbors would knock on one another s doors asking for cups of sugar, local children would play pickup games of basketball in the street, and everyone seemed...

How To Buy a Home When You Have Student Loan Debt® Real Estate News 9/28 1:00A Kathleen Willcox
Design by / Getty Images Debt is one of the most common barriers to homeownership. Mortgage lenders are often loath to extend credit to wannabe homebuyers who owe four, five, or even six...
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