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Father’s Day reminds us of the significant role fathers play in children’s lives. Dr. Martin Chipman, a resident of Waltonwood Cotswold, is a retired neurologist who spent a lot of time traveling around the country during his time in the Army, but he always made sure his family and children were his top priority. Chipman, 89, has four children from his first marriage and one son with his current wife of 45 years. Although balancing work and family time wasn’t always easy, he tried to stay involved in his children’s lives and activities as much as possible. Divorce is one of the hardest things a family can face, and despite his busy schedule, Chipman did his best not to let it impact his children and their relationship with him. Today, he reflects on his favorite memories with his family and is looking forward to celebrating Father’s Day with his five children and six grandchildren. 


“As an Army officer, I did a great deal of traveling, so I tried my best to be constantly in touch with all of my children and remind them that I was there for them even though I may be far away,” said Chipman. “One of my favorite memories is when all of us moved to Jerusalem for my assignment and stayed there for about two years. We had a wonderful time together. I may have been a busy father, but my children knew that I cared about them. Today, I am proud of the people they’ve become, and even though they live all over the country, we still remain close.”


Dr. Joseph Chipman, Martin’s youngest son, followed in his father’s footsteps and is a neurologist in Charlotte. He remembers his dad teaching him how to play tennis as a child, and when he would visit from college and on the weekends, they would play a game or two. Joseph is now a father himself, and he believes he has learned a lot more from his father than just tennis. He also makes his children – and the time he spends with them – his priority.


“Fathers have a big influence on children’s lives, and I believe it is important to honor them and the lessons we have learned from them,” said Joseph Chipman. “Now that I am a father, I realize even more how important it is to celebrate dads and all they do. I believe I wouldn’t be the dad I am if it wasn’t for the relationship I have with my father. He has always been so present and involved in my life and the lives of my siblings. I am thankful for everything he has taught me, and I look forward to celebrating him this Father’s Day.”


“There is nothing better than seeing our residents with smiles on their faces, and we know that spending time with their families makes them the happiest,” said Nichola Johnson, executive director of Waltonwood Cotswold. “Martin’s relationship with his children should truly be an inspiration to younger families. Although they all have families of their own, they still try and spend time with their father as often as possible.”

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