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Every day, local first responders come to work without knowing what the day will bring. These brave men and women are known for dedicating their lives to serve other citizens, to work 24-hour shifts and respond to many different calls a day. To show their appreciation, Waltonwood Cotswold personally delivered a meal to Fire Station 14. According to the National Fire Protection Association, the estimated number of firefighters working in the U.S. is over one million. Of that number, a little over 30 percent are career firefighters and about 70 percent are volunteers. Waltonwood Cotswold decided to take the time to acknowledge these brave men and women for their lifesaving actions. In addition to sharing a meal with the firefighters, the residents of Waltonwood Cotswold had the opportunity to tour the station and learn more about the day-to-day life of a first responder.

“Fire Station 14 serves our community, and we wanted to show them how thankful we are for their daily sacrifices and services,” said Nichola Johnson, executive director of Waltonwood Cotswold. “Emergency responders risk their lives for other citizens and are a critical part of any community. We wanted to go the extra mile for these courageous men and women who put themselves in harm’s way to keep our neighborhood safe. Our residents enjoyed meeting the firefighters and hearing some of the stories they can share about their job.”

The Charlotte Fire Department operates out of 42 fire stations and provides fire protection for nearly 800,000 people. In addition to protecting the local public, including the residents at Waltonwood Cotswold, the fire department also works hard to educate the public about fire safety, as well as general safety issues. Waltonwood Cotswold believes in making a positive impact in the greater community and always looks for ways to give thanks for the selfless actions of others around them. The team recognizes the dedication of the many volunteers who help to fight fires and keep citizens safe across the county. The community plans to continue working with local businesses and organizations in the future to show its appreciation and help in any way it can.


“We are thankful to Waltonwood Cotswold for thinking of us by providing lunch for our first responders,” said Jamar Stroud, captain at Fire Station 14. “We are always ready to assist the senior living community, whether it be in response to a 911 call or providing safety tips to their residents. We enjoyed welcoming the seniors and Waltonwood team members to our station.”

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