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The residents and associates of Waltonwood Cotswold (a family-owned senior living community) are celebrating a milestone as the senior living community reaches its five-year anniversary. Over the past five years, the community has touched the lives of many, and those who live and work there are proud of the success shared by all. For those who were the first through the door when Cotswold opened on August 19, 2016 the years have flown by and have been filled with countless shared experiences and special memories. The anniversary is a unique opportunity for everyone to look back on the first days of Waltonwood Cotswold. Today, the community continues to focus on making new memories and preparing for the years ahead. For those who live and work at Waltonwood Cotswold, the community has become home, and that sentiment is shared equally by their families.

“We were so happy when Waltonwood Cotswold was finally ready for residents to move in,” said Lisa Deese, niece of one of Cotswold’s first residents Lucia Grimes. “Lucia has established many wonderful friendships and the staff is top notch. It gives me great comfort knowing that we made the right decision for the move to Waltonwood five years ago.”

Waltonwood Cotswold is owned and operated by Michigan-based Singh Development and is the organization’s second Waltonwood senior living community in Charlotte. Upon opening, the community created 125 jobs and today employs nearly 106 associates, which has provided a boost for the local economy.

“We are excited to be celebrating our five-year anniversary at Waltonwood Cotswold,” said Saab Grewal, director of asset management for Waltonwood. “We appreciate the commitment, dedication and support of our team, residents and families – we are blessed to be a part of this community and look forward to being a part of it for a very long time.”

“The environment at Waltonwood Cotswold is unlike any other assisted living and memory care community,” said Randy LeMaster, regional director of operations for Waltonwood. “When one walks through, the door the first feeling had is one of welcome and of comfort. That sense of welcome can only be attributed to the family atmosphere fostered by the residents and associates. I’m proud of how the community has developed over the last few years and look forward to seeing how the relationships between residents, their families and associates continue to develop and strengthen the community.”

Waltonwood Cotswold is built on more than eight acres and features 90 assisted living apartments and 26 memory care apartments. The senior living community provides worry-free and maintenance-free living for those who want the freedom to pursue their passions during retirement.

“Since opening its doors, Waltonwood Cotswold has never wavered in its mission to provide all residents with a lifestyle and care that is designed to improve quality of life and accommodate changing care needs,” said Sara Bailey, senior director of sales at Waltonwood. “Our goal today is the same as it was in the beginning: to help residents with daily activities so they can live life to the fullest without worry or stress. It is an honor to have watched the community over the last five years, and we can’t wait for what comes next.”

In celebration of this momentous occasion, Waltonwood Cotswold observed the anniversary with a sit-down luncheon. During the lunch, attendees were treated to appetizers of roasted tomato bisque and a pickled beet salad with a choice of herb roasted beef tenderloin or lobster risotto for the main course. The meal finished with cake made by pastry chef Shanay Battle as the closing course for dessert. Throughout the luncheon, musician Patrick Hudson entertained guests in assisted living with piano music, while violinist Martha Geisler performed in memory care.

“Having the ability to gather and celebrate our community and all those who make it a home has been an incredible experience,” said Eric Davis, executive director of Waltonwood Cotswold. “If we’ve learned anything in the last year, it’s not to take for granted all the special moments, whether big or small. This was an excellent time for all of us to reflect on the past and all that we’ve accomplished and been through, all while looking ahead with excitement. It’s a privilege to have a community that feels like family and provides one another with support and care. If the last five years are any indicator for what lies ahead, I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

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