Master key systems means a lock sets that are all different but accessible by one key. There are multiple locks all with different forms and keys but there will be one key to open every one. This is a great way of reducing costs by altering locks because you only need to change one key instead of every one. If you are looking for a most feasible solution for security-enhancement, then it will surely lies in the master key system. However, master key systems have several other benefits. To mention few of them are as follows.

Lock and key replacement

The most valuable aspect of having a master key system is the easiness that comes with lock and key replacement. Whenever you need to remake or repair the locks for the entry or exit of premises, you only need to change the proper locks. So instead of installing or changing more locks, you need to change one key. Thus, it supports your budget and more effective for security.

Key management

Each key only opens one door, but having the master key system will be the true and powerful source to access all the keys. The master key also helps to manage the bunch of keys with different people much easier. It restricts the unauthorized people’s access that could be risk for your home or commercial premises. Therefore, it limits the potential damage to the property owner.


Master key systems can be created for an entire complex, building, hospitals, and hotels or just for your office suite. With these master key systems you and your staff surely get secured with a single master key. Master key systems in Charlotte can custom-design your key system that is right for the specific needs of your home or commercial space. It has a greater flexibility because whenever you want to expand your system, a master key system can easily be expanded with it.

Access restriction

Large companies want some suitable way to restrict access based on an individual’s responsibility or standing within the company. If you have a high employee turnover rate or are just simply aiming to increase the security of your home or commercial establishment, you might need a master key system. The unlocking process is done according to the structured hierarchy that allows different levels of restricted entry. The managing director who carries the grand master key has access to all the doors in the building, while the other employees have restricted access to the rooms.

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Master key systems are a great way to deter thieves and limit the risk of employee-based theft. A home or an office building or a hospital and much more commercial areas will contain important files, money, confidential information, inventory and expensive equipment that need to be safeguarded. A master key system in Charlotte can provide you with a trouble-free access, organize and maximum security in a precise way to keep your residential or commercial space safe and secure.


At Trilock Locksmith, we highly believe in the master key system and acknowledge that it isn’t for everyone! Our master key system is designed and deployed by resourcefully trained locksmiths, using state of the art technology and advanced mechanisms. If you are ready for a comprehensive design master key system or would simply like to have our locksmith services, give us a call at 980-330-9230 anytime!

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