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So, you want to move to Huntersville. We don’t blame you! It’s a beautiful city, with a ton of great things to see and do, as well as a long list of positive attributes that make it a great place to live. We’d venture that It’s one of the nicest cities in North Carolina! 


But there’s a small caveat: if you’re going to be living in Huntersville, you’ll need somewhere to live in Huntersville. And, unless you’re planning on bringing your Winnebago, that’s probably going to mean buying or renting a house. If you’re thinking of buying, then this article is written for you! 


Fortunately, you’ve decided to buy at the right time. The market is trending upwards, and home prices are rising higher and higher every day! This means that buying a home in Huntersville is a great idea not just from a lifestyle standpoint, but from a financial perspective as well. In this article, we’ll discuss the state of the local real estate market; but first, let’s learn a little more about the community of Huntersville, North Carolina.   

All about Huntersville 

The city of Huntersville is a mid-sized town just north of Charlotte. This quiet, friendly community is not particularly large, but it makes up for it with its sleek, modern aesthetic and wealth of attractive qualities that make it such a great place to live. In recent years, the city has also gained quite a reputation as an excellent place for families! 


The town of Huntersville has a population of just over 58,000 residents, making it big enough to offer plenty of conveniences that you would find in a larger city, without the noise, traffic, and other downsides of living in one. It’s smaller size relative to larger cities also contributes to its mostly suburban landscape, which is excellent for those who prefer suburban living. 

Huntersville for families 

If you’ve got a family, you’ll be happy to know that the education system in Huntersville, NC is ranked well above average, with excellent standardized test scores and well thought out education infrastructure. Class sizes are small, college acceptance rates are high, and the facilities are excellent. As an added bonus, the public library in Huntersville is among the best in the state! 

What’s more, public safety in Huntersville is excellent, with impressively low crime rates, both regarding property crimes and violent crimes. The law enforcement community in Huntersville is dedicated and professional, and in conjunction with highly effective public outreach programs, has been immensely successful in lowering crime rates. 

Attractions in Huntersville 

Another great thing about Huntersville is its wide variety of things to see and do. With its close proximity to Charlotte, one of the largest cities in North Carolina, keeping yourself busy won’t be an issue. What’s more, Huntersville is also of great historical significance, so if you have an interest in history, you’ll find plenty of things to suit that interest! 


Huntersville is perhaps best known for its location by the exquisite Lake Norman, a man-made lake covering over thirty-two thousand acres and reaches depths of up to 112 feet. This lake provides opportunities for kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, and much, much more!   

Real estate market in Huntersville

However, you didn’t come here to read about how great this community is, now did you? You are here to find out about the real estate market in Huntersville and what you can expect when buying a home in the community. Don’t worry; we’ll get into the knitty-gritty of the real estate market right without further ado! 

Home and rent prices in Huntersville 

The real estate market in Huntersville is thriving, with a slightly above average home price and exceptional value retention. The average home price in Huntersville is a respectable $337,000, which makes it more accessible than most towns when it comes to lower-budget buyers. Relatively low price notwithstanding, any home bought here is sure to prove an apt investment.


Home values in Huntersville, NC have risen significantly in recent years as the population continues to steadily grow larger in size. This growth can be attributed primarily to the interstate highway that runs through its center, route 77. This highway is a primary causeway through Charlotte, and it functions as an invaluable infrastructural link between the two cities.


If you’re planning on renting, things are also quite attractive, with an average rent price of $1,200 per month. While certainly not as low as in some other cities, this is substantially lower than rent prices in the city of Charlotte, and renting here will allow you access to the broader job market that the capital is home to. 


If you are interested in buying or renting a property in this attractive city, your best option for going about doing that is to contact one of the real estate agents in Huntersville NC. These skilled, experienced real estate professionals will do their utmost to find you a home that suits your needs at the best price possible in a timely manner. Before you know it, you might be living in this beautiful city! 


With its exceptionally advantageous location and beautiful community, we think it’s fair to say that Huntersville NC will soon become a highly sought after location for homebuyers. Excellent public safety, excellent investment value, and a low median home price all make this an excellent place for those looking to put down roots in a new place, and we couldn’t recommend it more highly! 


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