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Did you know that High Point is considered the International City of North Carolina? It is mainly because every year, people around the world come to the area for a particular reason. Before we find out what that reason is, you should know that the city of High Point is located in the Piedmont Triad Region of North Carolina.


The Triad consists of an area within and surrounding the three major cities of Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and High Point. Together, they form what is known as the Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point Combined Statistical area. More than 1.7 million people reside within the Triad region, and it is the 33rd largest combined statistical area in the US.


High Point NC is seen as a transition area between the mountains to the west and the eastern coastal plain. It is the only city in the US that stretches across four counties, and it’s constantly growing in numbers and reputation. What is High Point NC known for, and what’s it like to live in this sprawling community? Let’s find out!

The home furnishing trade show at High Point Market

Suppose you live in High Point NC, you are most likely to furnish your home according to the latest home furnishing trends. Every year, the city hosts one of the largest home furnishings shows in the world, and about 100,000 people come to the event from all around the globe to buy, sell, or trade home furniture. The event increased in popularity throughout the years and raised the city's reputation, making it the Home Furnishing Capital of the World.


Because people from different parts of the world attend the event, making it an international hub, many people named High Point the International City of North Carolina. The High Point Market holds two shows every year, and for each event, there are about 100,000 attendees from over 100 countries. The High Point Market Authority coordinates the exposition, and a study done by Duke University shows that the market contributed $6.7 billion to the area’s economy.


Roughly 2000 exhibitors show up every year for the event, and the show is hosted in 180 buildings, covering more than 10 million square feet. Without question, the trade show is regarded as the largest home furnishings event in the world, and High Point NC is greatly benefiting from it. On the other hand, High Point features many other great attractions that you should not miss out on.

Living in the Triad city of High Point North Carolina

If you’re thinking about relocating to High Point NC, you are in the right place. We offer you all the details you need to make an informed decision, and with the help of real estate agents in High Point NC you are one step closer to finding your dream home. But, before you relocate to the area, here is what you need to know!

Job opportunities and business

High Point is one of the most affluent cities in the Triad region, and it offers many job opportunities and possibilities for business expansion. As we already mentioned, the furniture and textile industries are dramatically impacting the area’s economy, and it draws international investors to the area. 


A report from 2011 suggests that the primary employees in the area are; Bank of America with over 2,100 employees, High Point Regional Health with 2,000 employees, Guilford County Schools with about 1,700 employees, and City of High Point with 1,300 employees. The region has a relatively strong job market where people can find good job opportunities.


The marketplace strongly encourages small businesses and start-ups, so it might be the perfect place to start a company and build your brand. Economy-wise, the city has experienced an interesting mix of declining and emerging industries, but overall employment remained stable.

The Cost of living in High Point NC

Many residents regard High Point NC, as an affordable place to live. North Carolina is known for its lower costs of living compared to the national average, but High Point NC takes it a bit further with cost of living that is even lower still. From a cost of living comparison, the city is about 20% more affordable compared to the national average. 


According to BestPlaces, on average, residents spend less on transportation and housing, but the costs for healthcare, groceries, and utilities are in the upper range. The median home value in High Point NC comes close to $160,000, and most of the 1-bedroom apartments rent for a price starting at around $500 per month. 


Recreational activities and leisure 

High Point NC has a decent amount of things to do in your spare time. Outdoor dwellers will find a healthy amount of park and nature museums in the area. Places such as the Oak Hollow Festival Park offers plenty of outdoor recreational facilities, while the All-A-Flutter Butterfly Farm offers an insight into the world of Monarch butterflies. 


Learning more about High Point NC history can be as easy as visiting the Mendenhall Plantation to get a glimpse of historic Quaker living. On the other hand, the large chest of drawers with the two oversized socks hanging from its middle is a monument that testifies the area’s dominance in the furniture industry. The city also has its fair share of great restaurants and shopping centers that can be explored in search of a great culinary experience or sweet discounts for some of your favorite clothing brands.


Without question, the small city of High Point NC is regarded as one of the most attractive places to live inside the Triad Region. The city attracts international attention thanks to its Furniture Market show, and many residents consider it a great place to live. With a fair amount of family-friendly neighborhoods, good education, and great job opportunities, the city of High Point NC is appealing to a wide array of people with different lifestyles, making it an excellent place to relocate.


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