Saliva Drug Test is a drug test that is used for detection of substance or drug use with the aid of the saliva. It may also the referred to as Oral Fluid Drug Test. This oral fluid test has become alternative to urine drug test. This is because the tests are easier to carry out and the samples collected for test will be very difficult to alter. They are used in a wide variety of situations. Employers in the effort to ensure that their employees do not indulge in the use of illicit drugs or substances may carry out periodic saliva drug test on their workers or the test may be part of the pre-employment process for certain kind of jobs. It can also be used to monitor athletes, footballers etc for the use of drugs such as steroids. The saliva Drug Test has also found its application in the security organizations as the law enforcement agents employ the test in some cases as car accident or sexual assault to investigate whether the person or persons in question are use the influence of some illicit substances. The law enforcement agents also employ the technique in random or periodic test of people who are being monitored for use of illicit drugs. The Saliva Drug Test is very much employed in the medical field. In situations of organ transplant, the test may be carried out before receiving the organ transplant. Also, during pregnancy especially in the case of report of previous use of illicit drugs etc.

What does Saliva Drug Test screen for?

The Saliva Drug Test can detect a variety of substances ranging from individual substance or in combination. This depends on the test apparatus used. A single panel drug test will detect any of the following below, while a multi-panel Drug Test can detect a combination of these illicit substances. With Confirm Biosciences saliva drug testoral fluid devicesthese substances can be readily detected individually or in combination.

Amphetamines; amphetamine sulphate, methamphetamine, dexamphetamine

Cannabis; marijuana, hash, synthetic cannabinoids

Opioids; heroin, opium, codeine, morphine

Barbiturates: amobarbital, phenobarital, secobarbital, tuinal.

Benzodiazepines; lorazepam, librium,xanax, valium

Phencyclidine; PCP, angel dust

Propoxyphene; Darvon


What is the window of Detection for Saliva Drug Test?

The duration for detection of drug substance in the body depend on the factors as drug composition, dosage as well as individual metabolism. Also, some apparatus are more sensitive than others. The duration of the drug can also affect the detection period. The longer the period of use the faster the detection of the drug. Substances are easily detected in salivary test within 35minutes of ingestion. This short duration period shows reasons while the salivary test is referable during accident investigations or emergency situation. The Oral fluid device for Saliva Drug Test can detect any present illicit substance within a period of 30minutes.

The result of the test depend whether the samples are test in the laboratory or tested on-site. The lab test result takes about 24 hours while on-site test results take few minutes.

What is the Accuracy of the Result?

The accuracy of the result depend on the technique of the test used, the drug composition and concentration, the time of testing being in range of  the detecting window period for the substance, the quality of the testing device. Confirm Biosciences oral testing kits provides essential and sensitive kits for faster and more accurate results for oral fluid test and the Confirm Biosciences kits are cost-effective.


Saliva Drug Tests are now alternative to blood or urine drug test and are convenient and easier to use while Confirm Biosciences provide oral fluid devices that provides  accurate result about 99% accuracy. The use Saliva Drug Test in security organizations as well as in sports to monitor the use of illicit drugs has proved its great efficiency as alternative to urine or blood drug test.