Everyone in Charlotte knows that the city has been one of the hottest real estate markets in the entire nation for decades now, and in 2021 the Charlotte real estate industry is undoubtedly booming!

This means that it may be time to consider selling your home and cashing in on your long-term real estate investments, but of course getting the best offer for your Charlotte house can sometimes be a lot easier said than done.

One tip we have to help you sell your house is to invest in rugs, because area rugs can actually support your selling efforts by making your home a more ideal home shopping model. Lucky for you we’ve teamed up with the Charlotte-based area rug specialists at Rug Source to support us in developing this list of 7 ways that area rugs can actually help you sell your home, so take it from the pros in that these are some of the considerations you should keep in mind while preparing your home’s flooring designs for open houses and showings!


1. Helping Make An Older Home Appear To Be More Hip/Current

There are countless older homes in Charlotte on the market that come off as old and rundown during showings, and this is something that you should definitely try to avoid if you’re trying to sell an older home!

Simply buying a modern area rug can transform an entire room’s appearance, and this can have a profound impact on how a potential buyer views your entire home as they’re browsing around.

There are countless modern and geometric rugs on the market that can really do wonders in terms of livening up your living spaces and making your entire home seem more chic and modern!


2. Engaging Potential Buyers The Minute They Step Into Your Home

First impressions matter when it comes to home shopping, because a lot of buyers want to that this is the one feeling the moment they step into a listing. This subsequently means that your home’s foyer space is extremely important from an aesthetic standpoint, and your foyer should always provide a welcoming energy that makes buyers feel, well, at home!

One of the best ways to upgrade your foyer area is to place a high-quality runner rug there, and some homes will even have room for a large round rug or other types of larger area rugs.

Simply engaging your potential buyers with a welcoming area rug in your foyer can go a long way in putting them in the right mood while walking through your listing!


3. Helping To Define Your Living Spaces

One big part of preparing your home for open houses and listings is to showcase the general purpose of each living area, and this is mainly because you’ll want your potential buyers to easily understand how they could end up using each space within your home.

This can sometimes get more complicated when it comes to open-plan apartments and living spaces, which is where well-positioned area rugs can help you to better define where a specific space begins and ends. So your potential buyer better know where your kitchen begins and where your living room ends!

An additional tip for dining rooms is to make sure that your area rug is at least large enough to have the front legs of each furniture piece underneath it, because anything smaller will come off as awkward or cramped up.


4. Helping Make A Room Seem Bigger Than It Is

Like we mentioned above, it can be a pretty big mistake to have an area rug within a room that’s simply too small. This may not be an issue while you’re actually living within your home, but it can pose problems when you’re trying to sell.

A rug’s size will indirectly convey the overall size of a room, so having a larger area rug will make a room feel much bigger than it actually is. This is the type of thing that makes people more impressed while shopping through your home!


5. Adding Necessary Light

There are many households that utilize rather dark-looking hardwood floors, and these darker floors can sometimes turn buyers off. But when you introduce a brightly colored area rug on top of your dark floor, you can then give off a more welcoming vibe as people are browsing throughout your rooms.


6. Upgrading Your Master Bedroom

If you don’t already have a good area rug in your master bedroom, then you definitely should place one in there while you’re trying to sell your home. A large, high-quality area rug in a bedroom simply says luxury to home buyers, and the best thing to do is use a large rug in large master bedroom. 

Having two-thirds of your bed underneath the rug will also go a very long way in making a bedroom appear to be so much larger than it really is!


7. Making Your Outdoor Living Spaces Appear To Be More Intimate/Inviting

Utilizing an outdoor area rug in your outdoor living spaces will always be beneficial while trying to sell your home, and this is because buyers will want to view your outdoor leisure area and imagine themselves relaxing in these spaces.

When you include an area rug, this type of cozy, welcoming energy will be exuded upon the buyer; which subsequently will help them to better realize that this is the type of outdoor living experience they want in their next home!


Reach Out To The Rug Industry Specialists To Learn More About How Area Rugs Can Help You Sell Your Home In Charlotte, NC!

It’s one thing to simply sell your house in Charlotte, but it’s another thing when you can make a good enough impression to get an even better deal on your transaction than you normally would have been able to.

This is where professional interior design and high-quality area rugs come into play, because the way your home appears to buyers will undoubtedly go a long way in helping them feel like your house is worth fighting for amongst competing buyers and offers. 

So reach out to the rug industry specialists at Rug Source via the link at the top of the article to learn more about how area rugs can help you sell your house!