If you have ever been in a large workplace building, shopping center or school, odds are you have either entered or departed the premises via a door that has been installed with a panic bar. Also called as “panic bar doors” or “crash bars”, panic bars are an important asset especially in the case of an emergency.

Let’s find out some of the obvious advantages of having panic bars installed in your home or business premises.


Panic bars are safe both in respect of streamlining of evacuation, and in non-emergency circumstances. For example, since crash bars are fitted on the inside of the door, the door can stay locked to everybody on the outside to stop illegal access to premises. Moreover, panic bars may also come outfitted with an alarm unit, so building supervisors can spot any illegal evacuation. However, to make sure the best functionality of panic bars, it is advocated that they must be installed by a professional commercial locksmith in Charlotte.


There’re different sorts of panic bars available to choose from. You can find panic bars that come equipped with an alarm system to stop illegal exit, crossbar type panic bars and even vertical type exit devices in Charlotte. They’re available in all sorts of price points, so property owner shouldn’t face any concern to get the best panic bar that fulfills their security needs and budget at the same time.

Reduced insurance premiums:

Building owners & property supervisors are always on the search for ways to enhance building safety & security – but at the same time, they’ve budgets that they want to stay inside, too. Nonetheless, panic bars can be a win-win for these people. That is because the appropriate fitting of such exit devices can in fact guide to a decent drop in the insurance premium on the property. Just as how improved security features on a car usually comes with a premium discount, the same can be said for your business property.

It is never fun to think regarding an emergency event happening inside your business premises, but being ready for such a circumstance is always better than not being ready.

Exit Devices

At Trilock Locksmith, we help people in installing premium quality & safe exit devices that can be unlatched without difficulty for your employees & workers to escape from the emergency scene quickly. We also make exit devices in Charlotte that are suitable for all sorts of commercial establishments. They’re very easy to handle, operate, and can last for years.

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