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John Williams Jr, John H. Williams, Susan Schultze

Every day, and on Father’s Day especially, it is important to recognize the significant role fathers play in their children’s lives. For John Williams, resident of Waltonwood Cotswold senior living community, being a father has been the most exhilarating and loving experience of his life. Williams worked in Charlotte at the U.S. Postal Service for 36 years and together with his wife raised three children. Although he worked a lot and it sometimes wasn’t easy, Williams always tried to maintain a work/family balance. His wife stayed at home with their children until they grew older, and then she got a job at a local church. In 1980s, after they both retired, Williams and his wife visited many places, including Hawaii, Alaska, Denmark, Norway and Germany. For Williams, family has always been important. His father, U.S. Navy veteran and one of fourteen children, raised him to be a caring provider for his family. This month Williams is celebrating not only Father’s Day but also his 90th birthday. With three children and thirteen grandchildren, soon-to-be fourteen, there is a lot to celebrate.

Williams has always tried to instill in his children what he learned from his father. He always emphasized the importance of tradition with his children, including going to church regularly. Williams and his wife raised two boys and one girl, all of them are college graduates with successful careers, which he considers one of his biggest accomplishments as a parent. Williams’ unconditional love now extends beyond his children to his grandchildren of whom two were adopted. Williams says he has always wanted the best for his children, and if that meant helping them adopt children of their own, he and his wife were proud to lend their support. After Williams’ wife died in September of 2016 he moved to Waltonwood Cotswold. The senior living community offers many activities to keep the residents busy, and Williams is making the most of every day. Williams believes that fathers should be aware of the fact that with everything they do, they are setting an example for their children. Most children look up to them as much as they look up to their mother.

“The biggest piece of advice I would give any father of any age is to just love your kids and be there for them no matter what,” said Williams. “So many fathers are too focused on their career, and they might not realize that they are missing out on the best moments of their life, the moments with their children.” 

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